With modern technology advancing every day and an unsteady economy, it opens the door to many thieves who will steal your identity, create methods of fraud and scams, and leave many unsuspecting targets wondering what happened.


The old saying “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is”


1)  Here is one example of a scam:


You receive a call and it is an automated voice telling you that they are calling from your bank to tell you that your debit card is inactive.  The voice then states if you want to reactivate your card, press 1.  When you press 1, the voice then asks that you enter your card number and it will be activated. 


What has happened to you??  The scammer has just gotten your debit card number and can go on a shopping spree with your money and you won’t know until you view your account on online banking or receive your monthly statement.  Rarely are these perpetrators caught.


2)  Example of an unbelievable Fraud:


You receive in the mail a letter stating that you have won a grant for over $44,000.  Along with it, is a check for $2,495.00 made out in your name, with another company’s name on the check.  Further in the letter, it states that the company, whose name is on the check, has donated money in your name to pay for the legal expenses that the company whose name is on the letter, has incurred in releasing the award money to you. All that is requested of you is to send the company $2,000.00 to cover their expenses and then they will release the remainder of the grant money.


What has happened to you?  If you act on this request thinking you will receive the grant money, you are saying good bye to your $2,000 and you will never see the promised money.  The check is fraudulent, and the bank it is written on will not honor the request for payment from your bank, so your bank will take the $2,000 from your personal account.


3)  Identity theft can happen in many forms. 


One very common tactic is tied to ordering items with a debit card.  The thief gains access to your card number and then uses it to purchase online or telephone.  They acquire your card number in numerous ways.  So be very careful who you do business with using your debit or credit card.


If you suspect that you are being targeted with a scam, check it out before falling victim.  Watch your bank account very carefully, research any and all information being offered by the scam, and call local authorities to verify if they are aware of any scam in your area.


Advocate for yourself.